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Marksman qualification

(07/18/17) New artwork: my response to Seattle's proposed tax on those who "make too much"
Creative Commons licensed. Contact me for a commercial license if needed.

Soak the Rich
(01/19/17) New artwork: Finally.
Creative Commons licensed. Contact me for a commercial license if needed.

(03/31/16) New artwork: Are we looking at more of the same?
Creative Commons licensed. Contact me for a commercial license if needed.

(12/20/12) Larry Correia on the current wave of Gun Control hysteria. A must-read.

(02/04/12) New artwork: "Thank you" cards for a buycott of a carry-friendly (or carry-tolerant) retailer, such as Starbucks Coffee. Sized for 3x5 business cards per VistaPrint. Coming shortly: a sheet suitable for printing your own on card stock.

Creative Commons licensed. Contact me for a commercial license if needed.

Carry-Friendly Buycott thank you card
(11/04/11) New artwork, to balance out the "Gun-Free" Zone signs. Creative Commons licensed. Contact me for a commercial license if needed.

Self Defense Zone
SVG source file
Gun Allowed Zone
(01/23/11) My letter in opposition to H.R.308 - thanks to Joe Huffman for inspiration.

(09/06/09) New artwork. Bumper stickers are available on CafePress.
Creative Commons licensed.

No, You Can't
(11/14/08) My revision of Pastor Martin Niemöller's First they came poem: The lament of the AHSA supporter
Gun owners cannot afford to fall for the divide-and-conquer strategies of those who would disarm the People.

(06/15/08) More Obama Bumper Sticker artwork is available...
Feel free to use these images and thumbnails. They can be used to create your own bumper stickers on CafePress or Zazzle, but you won't be allowed to offer them for sale to others. You can also print them out on your color printer, trim to size, and use a glue stick to paste them inside your car window.

  Obama Bumper Sticker thumbnails
(04/20/08) In response to the utter idiocy of the Eastern Tennessee State University administration:
Large decals have been placed on the doors of every building to warn students of six years imprisonment and a maximum fine of $3,000 if a firearm is brought onto school premises. The decal also states that those who have the appropriate concealed handgun license are not excluded from those penalties. Although these are viewed as helpful and useful changes ...
I've updated my Gun-Free Zone signs... Stickers are available on Zazzle.
Creative Commons licensed. Contact me for a commercial license if needed.
Bloody Gun Free Zone
SVG source file
Bloody No Guns Allowed
(4/18/08) Ten inches of snow in one afternoon is not a big deal during winter most places, though in the puget sound we only get snow like that every few years. It is a big deal when the afternoon is in mid-April... 7:30 PM 04/18/08
(2/16/08) Okay, enough gloom. We get beautiful sunrises here sometimes...
Sorry about the bamboo obscuring the heart of the sunrise, the shot was kinda rushed.
Sunrise 02/15/08
click to enlarge
(04/26/07 - updated 2/16/08) My take on the VT tragedy, the shootings in the Westboro Mall, and other similar tragedies. The solution to violent gun crime is not victim disarmament.
Creative Commons licensed.
These images are available on a mini-poster (11" x 17") and on three t-shirts at CafePress.
Gun Free Zone - Guaranteed 100% defenseless victims
SVG source file

Gun Free Zones - Aren't
click for CafePress t-shirt compatible image

(01/20/07) In response to Microsoft proposing their "Open" XML document file format as an ISO standard, I have written a letter of protest to the members of ANSI responsible for representing the USA to the ISO. See Groklaw and Andy Updegrove's blog at the ConsortiumInfo.org standards consortia website for more information about this blatant bid to corrupt the international standards process to protect Microsoft's virtual monopoly on office software.

(01/07/07) Yet more cat pix (from the archives): Kali Miao approves of the laser printer.

(12/15/06) I've updated my Scanner Tarpit HOWTO to reflect the work I've been doing with LaBrea to tarpit spambots and other spammers.

(07/31/06) More accolades for my wife's skills in paper-hole-punching-at-a-distance... A Good Day at the Range #3

(07/22/06) I took my sweet time writing these up...
A Good Day at the Range #1 and A Good Day at the Range #2
...wherein I brag about my wife's marksmanship.

(07/09/06) Per a request thrown to the winds on a.s.r: the OADS patch (visit the Anvil Chorus page for more images)   OADS patch   ...and the patch on a mug, perfect for drinking coffee while negotiating with vendors or answering another annoying support request: OADS mug

(02/18/06) More FAL swag - the colonial Navy Jack flag (history of the flag), updated...

Much thanks to Chris Whitten for his kind permission to use his original Navy Jack image as the basis for this. Take a look at his site over at http://www.navyjack.info/, and if you prefer swag with the non-FAL Navy Jack visit Chris' cafepress store at http://www.cafepress.com/dont_tread

For an Armalite/M-16 version of this on a bumper sticker, visit http://www.lifelibertyetc.com/Products/Stickers/Shooter-Jack-Stickers - that domain is dead. I guess I will have to make an AR version of this as well...
  Navy Jack with FN-FAL battle rifle

(11/05/05) More artistic endeavors: SonyBMG music CDs include DRM software that opens your Windows box to abuse such as hidden spyware. (It's being called a "rootkit" even though it would more accurately be called a "rootkit enabler".) Here's a Sony rootkit bumper sticker to publicly show your displeasure with their arrogance. The Sony Rootkit bumper sticker has been replaced with a more-topical bumper sticker. The Sony Rootkit image is still available.

The image itself is available for use under the Creative Commons license.
  Sony Rootkit bumper sticker

(02/05/05) My letter to my State legislators about the proposed firearms laws.

(01/29/05) Some thoughts on the proposed Washington state firearms laws - essentially, an even more restrictive version of the 1994 Crime Bill "assault weapons" ban, a .50-caliber rifle ban, yet more restrictions on CCW holders, etc.
For more information, see the FAL Files (ignore the name-calling), and another forum.

(01/23/05) I've unleashed my artistic side a bit! Here are some fun little FAL and AR-15/M-16 stickers in the European Auto "I'm from this country" style...   FN-FAL oval sticker AR-15 oval sticker

(07/04/04) Here is yet another appropriate-for-the-holiday letter to my elected representatives.

(06/01/04) Senator Cantwell responded to my letter - rather quickly, it seems. Fastest form letter in the west? Here is my response to her.

(05/30/04) Here is yet another letter to my elected representatives. I hope they listen.

(03/05/04) Senator Murray responded my letters. Here is my response to her.

(11/11/03) Another letter to my representatives.

(06/30/03) Yet more cat pix: Ziba in her summer 'do

(04/13/03) A letter to my representatives.

(05/27/02) Yet more cat pix: Cassiopeia being a ditz (yes, she really did look like that...)

(04/07/02) the Scanner Tarpit HOWTO

(01/01/02) Yet more cat pix:

(The Cat Vortex is what your cat is watching when she's staring intently at a blank spot on the wall. Cats find it fascinating, but humans can't understand what all the fuss is about.)

(12/15/01) Here's my letter to the DOJ about the proposed Microsoft settlement.

Security resources

the Email Sanitizer

Do you administer an email server? If so, you need a way to protect your users against worms, buffer-overflow attacks on their mailers, and social-engineering attacks on their trust. The Email Sanitizer installs on your Procmail-capable mail gateway and lets you detect and block these attacks. Don't rely only on the end user's virus protection, which is reactive (virus updates appear after the virus is already spreading) and may be out-of-date (or nonexistent).

Visit the Enhancing E-Mail Security With Procmail page. [ HTTP Mirror 1 (US: WA) | HTTP Mirror 2 (EU: NO) | HTTP Mirror 3 (EU: NL) | HTTP Mirror 4 (AU) ]

Linux Firewall and Masquerade resources

Linux 2.2 VPN Masquerade

[ HTTP Mirror 1 (US: WA) | HTTP Mirror 2 (EU: NO) | HTTP Mirror 3 (EU: NL) ]

Linux 2.2 kernel support for masquerading IPsec and PPTP Virtual Private Network traffic. Now you can securely work from home or from across the country via the Internet, while still allowing simultaneous Internet access for the rest of your local net.

Client -.
PPTP    |   Linux                                  IPsec or
Client -+-> Masq and --> Internet --> Firewall --> PPTP
        |   Firewall                               Server
Others -+

The ipfwadm Dotfile Module

[ FTP Mirror 1 ]

A GUI front end for managing a Linux 2.0.x firewall for your home or small business network. Improve the security of your Internet access with minimal hassle.

Access the Internet from several computers at the same time through only one IP address and telephone line or ISDN/DSL/Cable Modem. Great for homes where two (or more) people want to surf at the same time, or if you want to telecommute while the kids play! You should also take a look at the Linux IP Masquerade Resource page.

One ---------.
System       |    Linux
Two ---------+--> Masq and ---> Internet
             |    Firewall
Other        |
Systems -----'

I used to produce the JMS CIS Digest.

My résumé in standard single-page format.

Other things I do:

Here's a (rather old now) picture of me, a picture of me and my kite, and a link to my wife's jewelry and art business page if you're interested...

A very good friend is designing and selling innovative constant-flow biodiesel centrifuges that are automatically self-adjusting - if you're producing biodiesel at more than small volumes (e.g. you're a co-op or a commercial producer) take a look. You have nothing to lose but your settling tanks!

Here's my wish list if you feel the urge to send me a gift... :)

Send me some e-mail at <jhardin@impsec.org> - spammers will be shot (see the FAL links above)...
My old email addresses: <jhardin@wolfenet.com> <jhardin@wolfe.net>

My 2048-bit public key:

Version: PGP 5.0


Other worthwhile pages here and there on teh intarwebz:
More guns does not mean more gun deaths - Concealed Carry Permit Holders More Lawful Than Most - Law-abiding concealed carry permit holders, the math - Law-abiding gun owners - More law-abiding gun owners - H-S Precision trips over their sword - Robert Farago of The Truth About Guns is an arsehole

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