The Anvil Chorus

"Orbital anvil array, this is Delta Tango Foxtrot One Niner, come in?"

**CRACKLE** "Delta Tango Foxtrot One-Niner, we have you, go ahead. Over."

"Target, co-ordinates broadcast on parallel channel, FAQ delivery requested, with accompanying Steel Clue barrage, authorization code Eight Five Six Six, over."

**CCCHHHHKKK** "Roger that, Delta Tango, Target acquisition in progress... wait one. Orbital Anvil Delivery System coming about."



"GOOD SHOT, boys!! that is... uh, target nullified, Oh Aye Dee Ess! Over."

*CCHHKKK!* "System cycling, Delta Tango. Now firing for effect!"



"Oh Aye Dee Ess, confirm sequential strikes! Target obliterated! FAQ floating gently down on paraglide apparatus. Good Job, Boys! Stand down. Delta Tango Foxtrot One Niner out."

"Orbital Anvil Delivery System standing down. Array returning to stand-by. Glad to help. Oh Aye Dee Ess out."

thanks to Rat & Swan

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Incus Superne OADS (Orbital Anvil Delivery System) patch Ultio Ultionis Superne OADS (Orbital Anvil Delivery System) patch Fiat Iustitia Caelo Ruato OADS (Orbital Anvil Delivery System) patch Excretum ex Altitudissime OADS (Orbital Anvil Delivery System) patch
OADS Incus Superne
Anvils From Above
OADS Ultio Ultionis Superne
Punishment From Above
OADS Fiat Iustitia Caelo Ruato
Let there be justice (by means of)
the falling of the sky
OADS Excretum ex Altitudissime
Shat upon from the greatest of heights
faster, cheaper, flatter OADS (Orbital Anvil Delivery System) patch faster, cheaper, deader OADS (Orbital Anvil Delivery System) patch flatter, deader, cheaper OADS (Orbital Anvil Delivery System) patch
OADS - Faster, Cheaper, Flatter OADS - Faster, Cheaper, Deader OADS - Flatter, Deader, Cheaper

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OADS mug
OADS Incus Superne mug (large)

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