[Esd-l] Html-trap and received mail from yahoo.com

John Hardin jhardin at impsec.org
Fri May 17 07:09:01 PDT 2002

On Fri, 2002-05-17 at 05:02, Frank Hahn wrote:

> I have started using a script called fetchyahoo.pl which I found at
> http://www.freshmeat.net to grab email from my yahoo.com account.  I
> believe the email is being run through the sanitizer but for some
> reason, it is not seeing programs that are included in this email.
> For example, late last night, I received this (just the headers and a
> little more):
> >From "tdre"_<tdre at alsrn.o> Thu May 16 23:25:23 2002
> X-Apparently-To: fhahn at yahoo.com via web13508.mail.yahoo.com; 16 May
> 2002 20:48:11 -0700 (PDT)
> Return-Path: <mrshekar at earthlink.net>
> Received: from hawk.mail.pas.earthlink.net (
>   by mta465.mail.yahoo.com with SMTP; 16 May 2002 20:48:10 -0700 (PDT)
> Received: from user-0c8h15n.cable.mindspring.com ([]
> helo=Wfll)
>         by hawk.mail.pas.earthlink.net with smtp (Exim 3.33 #2)
>         id 178Yit-0001qK-00
>         for fhahn at yahoo.com; Thu, 16 May 2002 20:48:07 -0700
> From: "tdre" <tdre at alsrn.o>
> To: fhahn at yahoo.com
> Subject: So cool a flash,enjoy it
> MIME-Version: 1.0
> Content-Type:
> multipart/mixed;Boundary="arbitrary_string_WheeeThu_May_16_23:25:20_2002"
> Message-Id: <E178Yit-0001qK-00 at hawk.mail.pas.earthlink.net>
> Date: Thu, 16 May 2002 20:48:07 -0700
> Status: RO
> Content-Length: 143428
> Lines: 2545

There's no X-Security: header, so the sanitizer didn't process it.

There's also not a Received: header for your local system (the latest
one is the Yahoo server receiving it) so it looks like fetchyahoo.pl is
delivering it directly to your mailbox rather than sending it via the
local MTA.

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