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John D. Hardin jhardin at impsec.org
Mon Feb 16 18:55:08 PST 2004

On Mon, 16 Feb 2004, Rick Thompson wrote:

> It may make things easier for you to regress...but it makes it
> alot more difficult for those of us that do upgrade checks/rollout
> via cronjob/shellscripts since we can't rely on filenaming.  

"man ident"

You can automate backup and replacement of the current script with
versioning fairly easily. The sanitizer does have the version number
within it.

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I don't seem to have gotten this message...

> I would like to request some changes in how the files are
> distributed.  I would like the actual files to be named with
> version numbers, so that it's easier to tell when a file has been
> changed/updated, and to keep the previous file available in case
> one needs to regress for some reason.

I do this manually (e.g. "cp -p html-trap.procmail html-trap.139; cp
-p ~jhardin/public_html/html-trap.procmail ./"), and automating it
isn't difficult as you can pull the version number out of the
sanitizer script.

> Version numbers on the poisoned file list and the local rules, as
> well as on the main script, would be helpful.

The poisoned-file list rarely changes, so you shouldn't pull it more
often than weekly, and it is short. The local rules script is RCS
managed and has embedded version numbers as well, which can be
retrieved using "ident".
> Thanks for all the hard work!

You're very welcome!

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