[Esd-l] Distribution

Scott Taylor scott at dctchambers.com
Mon Feb 16 07:37:40 PST 2004

At 07:21 AM 02/16/2004, Jonathan Hutchins wrote:
>I would like to request some changes in how the files are distributed.  I
>would like the actual files to be named with version numbers, so that it's
>easier to tell when a file has been changed/updated, and to keep the previous
>file available in case one needs to regress for some reason.
>What I do is unpack the files from the tarballs, which do have version
>numbers, rename them with a numeric date, then use a symbolic link to the
>plain file name to update them.
>Version numbers on the poisoned file list and the local rules, as well as on
>the main script, would be helpful.

That just sounds like a pain in the ass.

Easy enough to:
cp html-trap.procmail archive/html-trap.procmail.1.38
cd to your temp directory where you are going to unpack the tar files
unpack them
cp html-trap.procmail /etc/procmail


Or text files are easy enough to manage revisions with RCS

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