[Esd-l] recipiant not recieving notification

John D. Hardin jhardin at impsec.org
Wed Feb 11 05:44:29 PST 2004

On Wed, 11 Feb 2004, Chris Freeman wrote:

> If I edit the line     --echo "To: <$LOGNAME>";\-- in the --* 
> SECURITY_NOTIFY_RECIPIENT ?? [^ ]-- section of 
> html-trap.procmail.nomacroscan file to point to an address than 
> everything works ie: --echo "To: cfree at ardec.com.au";\-- then cfree gets 
> the notification.
> So the problem seems to be with the $LOGNAME variable. But I can't trace 
> the problem back futher than that.

Are you running the sanitizer on the final delivery machine, or on a
relay? You cannot do receipient notification on a relay because the
"recipient" from procmail's point of view is always the relay itself
(i.e. "root").

Recipient notification only works on the final delivery system.

Note that $LOGNAME is just a username, it does not include a domain
name. If the mail system cannot properly delivery mail addressed to
just "cfree" then you'll need to configure that capability, which is
outside the scope of procmail.

> We are running this with qmail on solaris.

I'm not familiar with qmail, perhaps someone else has a suggestion?

$LOGNAME is supposed to be set to the recipient name when procmail
runs. It is possible this is not happening under qmail.

Can you add:

	LOG="logname is \"$LOGNAME\""

somewhere and see what, if anything, gets logged?

You could also do:

	LOG=`env | sort`

and see what the complete environment is. Perhaps qmail is setting
some other variable to the recipient's name, so that you could do
something like:


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