[Esd-l] Base64 mail

John D. Hardin jhardin at impsec.org
Sat Nov 2 13:41:01 PST 2002

On Thu, 31 Oct 2002, Jeff Bettes wrote:

> Speaking of defanging image tags, I have been getting a lot of
> base64 encoded mail lately which is nothing more than html.  In
> this case none of the tags get defanged which is to be expected.

Yeah, that's a pretty common spammer trick to bypass content filters, 
and is a high-reliability spam indicator.

> Is there an easy way to break the base64 mime headers so the email
> client won't decode them.  They all seem to have the mime type,
> Content-Type: text/html; charset="iso-8859-1"
> Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64

If you don't want to receive encoded HTML-only messages, then detect
those lines in the RFC822 message headers:

  * ^Content-Type: *text/html
  * ^Content-Transfer-Encoding: *base64

Note that this rule only checks the RFC822 headers, so
multipart/alternative messages and regular attachments shouldn't be

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