[Esd-l] problems with version 1.136 (Mangle MIME type to TEXT/PLAIN, multipart/related inline images)

Peter van Campen Peter.vanCampen at sci.kun.nl
Sat Nov 2 00:23:17 PST 2002


since we upgraded to version 1.136, users started complaining that
some attachments couldn't be viewed anymore. Apparently the reason
behind that was mentioned in the change log as:
	Mangle MIME type to TEXT/PLAIN instead of
	APPLICATION/OCTET-STREAM to (hopefully) prevent magic scanning
	and execution.
Some MS-Word attachments that had been saved, couldn't be opened anymore by
StarOffice or MS-Word (but Sun's PC File Viewer showed something).
Therefore we changed the 'text\/plain' in the html-trap.procmail back to

A different problem was reported by a Eudora user: dragging an image into an email
text body produces a multipart/related image attachment, that doesn't have to be shown,
since the other related part is shown. In the first related part there is a reference
<IMG src="cid...> to the other related part. If the inline image is defanged, producing
<DEFANGED_IMG src="cid...>, the user doesn't see the reference or the attachment. For a
reference to an attached part, it perhaps wouldn't be necessary to defang it?


P.S.: and apart from these little problems: we're very happy with the
      procmail sanitizer.  Thanks, John!
Peter.vanCampen at sci.kun.nl, Computer & Communications Dept, Faculty of Science
Nijmegen University, 6525 ED NIJMEGEN, The Netherlands, tel: +31 (0)24 3653535

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