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This from the procmail list this morning...

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On 30 May 2002 johnathan spectre (jspectre at mindspring.com) wrote:
> (and the reason I'm retreiving my email via pop from a friend
> who's kind enough to act as my MX host.

First, read the section of my Procmail Quick Start called

 Warning: Procmail Can Not Reliably Sort Users' Messages in a
 Virtual Domain

which is here


Note especially this quote

 "You can't do virtual domains in pure procmail, as you need the
  MTA to provide you with the original envelope recipient address.
  Once you have that, sort the messages on that directly (do *not*
  use ^TO_)."

      -- Philip Guenther in a message in the procmail mailing list

Next ask your friend to set up his MTA so that it injects a
header that contains the original envelope address into each of
your messages. An example of such a header is Delivered-To.

Good luck,

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