[Esd-l] *.cv.doc trapped how?

John D. Hardin jhardin at impsec.org
Mon Mar 18 17:06:00 PST 2002

On 18 Mar 2002, mbourque at montana.edu wrote:

> I took doc files out of the MANGLE_EXTENSIONS list so word documents
> could get through,

Office files are "special". They are scanned and subjected to the
strip/poison lists regardless of whether they are in the MANGLE list.
I'm pretty sure I mention this on the Configuration page - yell at me
if I don't... :)

This is done to permit macro scanning and poisoning without mangling,
for those who want to macro scan and/or strip/poison without mangling
those filenames.

What version of the sanitizer are you using?

Take a look at the current recommended poison list (follow the link on
the web page). There's a section that handles double-extension
filenames while excluding .doc and .xls files:


You might want to use these in your poison/strip lists instead of your
current double-extension rule (like *.[a-z][a-z].*), which *will*
match .doc and .xls extensions, and is likely the rule that's causing
you heartburn.

(Note to everybody: those four rules changed this weekend - if you're
not pulling the recommended poison list automatically, you should
update your double-extension rules to what is shown above.)

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