[Esd-l] *.cv.doc trapped how?

mbourque at montana.edu mbourque at montana.edu
Mon Mar 18 16:08:01 PST 2002

I've been fighting with this for several hours. 

I took doc files out of the MANGLE_EXTENSIONS list so word documents
could get through, yet certain double extensions still get caught.  e.g.
*.cv.doc, *.lst.doc.  A file like test.cv.test.doc gets through just
fine.  It says "REPORT: Trapped poisoned Microsoft attachment
"kdk.cv.doc" in the return mail for instance, and the log file says it
was not checked for macros.  

Do I just need to comment out the part in the html-trap.procmail file
where it says "@msapp+=1 /\000(Microsoft (Word Document|Excel....."
etc.  Or can someone clue me in as to where in the html-trap.procmail
file this *.cv.doc is getting caught.  I also tried modifying some of
the catchall templates in poisoned-files to no avail (even commenting
them out).  Can't seem to find anything in the docs either.  Confused...



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