[Esd-l] Installing sanitiser on mail relay

Ian Castle ian.castle at coldcomfortfarm.net
Wed Mar 13 22:35:04 PST 2002

It doesn't do any local delivery (apart from postmaster). Everything is
passed on to another machine - either the outgoing relay or the internal
mail hub.

So procmail isn't needed as a local delivery mechanism.

On Thu, 2002-03-14 at 02:30, Kenneth Porter wrote:
> This would conflict with MAILER(`procmail'). How does one modify the
> gateway recipe to coexist with use of procmail as the local mailer?
> Would I just change the first instance of "procmail" in the CP and M
> lines to another name (say, "sanitizer"), or are there other places I
> need to change? (I'm already using the sanitizer for local delivery, but
> I want to use it for outbounds, as well.)

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