[Esd-l] Installing sanitiser on mail relay

John D. Hardin jhardin at impsec.org
Wed Mar 13 21:20:02 PST 2002

On 13 Mar 2002, Kenneth Porter wrote:

> > Mprocmail,      P=/usr/bin/procmail, F=DFMmShun, S=11/31, R=21/31,
> >                 T=DNS/RFC822/X-Unix,
> >                 A=procmail -m $h $g $u
> This would conflict with MAILER(`procmail'). How does one modify the
> gateway recipe to coexist with use of procmail as the local mailer?

That would be Mlocal - no conflict.

Have you read through the procmail-on-gateway document on the website?

> (I'm already using the sanitizer for local delivery, but
> I want to use it for outbounds, as well.)

That's a thorny one and, as yet, nobody has stepped forward with a
solution that only needs a single sendmail daemon. There is a
two-daemon (one for inbound, one for outbound) outbound mail filter
solution on the website.

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