[Esd-l] RE: 'F' missing in '^From'

Smart, Dan SmartD at VMCMAIL.com
Thu Jun 27 06:50:01 PDT 2002

Not sure if it applies, but here is the exact FAQ from

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Procmail doesn't cope well with carriage returns in the .procmailrc file 
Some people like to edit their .procmailrc file on a local PC and then
upload the file to their shell account with ftp. If you do this in "binary"
mode, the line endings will likely consist of DOS carriage return/line feed
pairs, rather than just line feeds (the convention on Unix). Procmail will
not ignore these "extra" characters, and the errors that will be logged will
look quite odd (like this maybe: 
	"rocmail: skipped "
This depends on what you use to view the log). Solution: upload the file
again using the correct transfer mode.


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|On Fri, 21 Jun 2002, Smart, Dan wrote:
|> I read in a Procmail troubleshooting FAQ that copying a recipe from a
|> Windoze machine to UNIX will add CR/LF to the recipe instead 
|of LF and that
|> can cause truncation oddities.  
|Truncation within the processed mail messages?
|Note also that this problem is not truncation, it's loss of the very
|first byte of the email message.
|> I would redownload the script from the UNIX machine to be sure.
|That never hurts.
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