[Esd-l] Filename mangling

Murray Crane mcrane at longbridge.com
Fri Jun 28 05:00:01 PDT 2002


I'd just like to report another minor victory for the side of

Senior management took a look at the documents we prepared on the
subject of the email security tool and decided that there really was
no point in not mangling document attachments.  The rough stats I was
able to produce about numbers of document attachments recieved kinda
took all the wind out of the pointy-haired argument. (c. 100 per week
with c. 7000 emails processed by the sanitizer... works out to 2
documents per day per consultant...)

I have since discovered the identity of the single individual in the
company who didn't like the fact she had to go through an extra step
to get into document attachments and I shall be remembering this for
quite some time to come... 

My own personal thanks to all of you who replied to the thread.  Your
input was most appreciated and helped make the report what it was. 
Once I have depersonalised it a bit I'll make available for others to
make use of.

Kind regards

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