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Chris Payne cpayne at pr.uoguelph.ca
Wed Mar 21 08:14:44 PST 2001

I'll back you up on this also.  My own (primary) workstation
run the OS/2  OS.  I too run PMMail, a far superior product
to any windoze apps.

*note that I have 6 workstations in my office, and am forced
to be compatible with the rest of my department; being that
I am the IT Manager.

Too bad IBM pulled the Warp Client plug in Jan '2001.

- Chris Payne

On Wed, 21 Mar 2001 19:40:20 +1000 (EST), Phillip wrote:

>>Can anyone recommend a good e-mail
>>client for our Windows boxes?
>OK. I will preface any comments here that I'm one of those weird
>OS/2 users and have been for almost 10 years. But at work I am
>required to use Windows. I've been using PMMail for the last 4 or
>5 years under my favourite workstation OS. I'm continually amazed
>that Eudora has been held up as one of the benchmarks for E-mail
>clients since it seems to be very vulnerable and, at least in my view,
>not as "clever" as PMMail.
>For the last few years, PMMail has been ported to Windows and it
>is a really great product (IMHO). My wife insists on using Windows
>and it's the only email client I'll let her use on my home-based
>networks. I'd thoroughly recommend you give it a try. It is very
>configurable and (from what I've seen) seems to have more features
>than Eudora.
>(PS. I'm not associated with PMMail in any way - just a very satisfied
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