[Esa-l] feeble.you!dora.exploit (fwd)

Phillip phillip at accessunited.com.au
Wed Mar 21 01:40:20 PST 2001

>Can anyone recommend a good e-mail
>client for our Windows boxes?

OK. I will preface any comments here that I'm one of those weird
OS/2 users and have been for almost 10 years. But at work I am
required to use Windows. I've been using PMMail for the last 4 or
5 years under my favourite workstation OS. I'm continually amazed
that Eudora has been held up as one of the benchmarks for E-mail
clients since it seems to be very vulnerable and, at least in my view,
not as "clever" as PMMail.

For the last few years, PMMail has been ported to Windows and it
is a really great product (IMHO). My wife insists on using Windows
and it's the only email client I'll let her use on my home-based
networks. I'd thoroughly recommend you give it a try. It is very
configurable and (from what I've seen) seems to have more features
than Eudora.

(PS. I'm not associated with PMMail in any way - just a very satisfied


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