[Esa-l] feeble.you!dora.exploit (fwd)

Brett Glass brett at lariat.org
Wed Mar 21 09:24:15 PST 2001

At 01:14 AM 3/21/2001, Chris Payne wrote:

>>I'm continually amazed
>>that Eudora has been held up as one of the benchmarks for E-mail

That's because, ever since Netscape and IE shipped with built-in
e-mail clients, everyone expects to get them for free. That means
the incentives for innnovation (at least among people who hope
to make a living writing and maintaining programs in this category)
are gone. Eudora simply happened to be the most sophisticated
Windows e-mail client at the time. (It does have some advantages
over Pegasus; for example, it doesn't use a proprietary file format.
I hesitate to use Pegasus because I don't want valuable data locked
up in a format I can't easily translate or use on other platforms.)

Is PMMail supported? One of the problems I've always had with
IBM's software (especially, alas, for OS/2) is that it was quirky
and bugs persisted for years (sometimes decades). The company
seemed to ignore all bug reports, especially when they involved
OS/2 or accompanying software. I gave up using OS/2 for that reason.


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