[Esa-l] Notify *their* postmaster

Brett Glass brett at lariat.org
Wed Sep 20 20:55:58 PDT 2000


Have you tried setting your MTA to reject (with a 500-series error
code) messages that are larger than a certain size? This will deal
with the large multimedia files. In Sendmail, it takes the form


When delivery fails, it will bounce back to them and (depending on
how their site is configured) perhaps to their postmaster.


At 09:21 PM 9/20/2000, Jason D. Jordan wrote:
>Howdy Folks,
>I've never had a day like it.
>So many people trying to send olympic and offensive multimedia as file
>I'm so glad we have this filter in place or our mail server would be on its
>knees - adversly affecting business...
>What I'd really, really like is an option to not only notify the sender that
>their email has been blocked, but also to cc that message to their
>This is not some bitter and twisted attempt to get anyone shafted, it's just
>that 50% of what is blocked is coming from business & government sites *and*
>in the main they are the same people over & over.
>John... is it possible to have another option to do this?
>Cheers, Jas
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