[Esa-l] Notify *their* postmaster

Jason D. Jordan guru at swami.pcguru.com.au
Wed Sep 20 21:00:59 PDT 2000

From: "Brett Glass" <brett at lariat.org>

> Have you tried setting your MTA to reject (with a 500-series error
> code) messages that are larger than a certain size? This will deal
> with the large multimedia files. In Sendmail, it takes the form

Hi Brett,

Thanks for your reply.

I currently have the limit set to 30mb because we do exchange very large
emails that are business related.  These include PowerPoint, PDF and Word
DOCs.  8-(.  Bugger.

That's why this filter works so well.  I need it to exclude file types.

Now, the day it looks at file signatures instead of names - I'll be well
pleased 8-)...

The reason I also asked for the filename logging yesterday is that some of
my "smarter" users are now renaming file extensions to get around the

Cheers, Jas

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