[Esa-l] Re: Quarantine confusion

John D. Hardin jhardin at wolfenet.com
Thu Jun 15 17:21:29 PDT 2000

On Thu, 15 Jun 2000, Ancipital wrote:

> Now, this might be me failing to RTFM; if this is so, I apologise
> in advance. I set quarantine to /tmp/evilmail (there are no user
> logins on this box, and only pop3 and smtp services, and ssh for
> my IP). This worked like a charm when the first mail came in.
> however, when the second mail came in, instead of appending it, it
> produced a permissions-related error, and bounced the message.

If you didn't create the file and set the permissions beforehand, then
it's owned by the first person who received a poisoned message. Make
sure the permissions are world-writable:

 chown root:root /tmp/evilmail
 chmod 622 /tmp/evilmail

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