[Esa-l] Re: Quarantine confusion

Michael Cummings michael at mcummings.com
Sat Jun 17 11:49:04 PDT 2000

I do the same thing as below but have cron touch and chmod the file at
midnight every day.

 00 0 * * * root run-parts /etc/cron.global_log
and the file in cron.global_log is 

/bin/touch /tmp/global_log.`/bin/date +%y-%m-%d`
/bin/chmod 666 /tmp/global_log.`/bin/date +%y-%m-%d`

# eof

Seems to work fine for me.

NOTE There are no logons on this box. If you had users logging in
interactively you would want to rethink the file's location and


On Thu, 15 Jun 2000, John D. Hardin wrote:

> On Thu, 15 Jun 2000, Ancipital wrote:
> > Now, this might be me failing to RTFM; if this is so, I apologise
> > in advance. I set quarantine to /tmp/evilmail (there are no user
> > logins on this box, and only pop3 and smtp services, and ssh for
> > my IP). This worked like a charm when the first mail came in.
> > however, when the second mail came in, instead of appending it, it
> > produced a permissions-related error, and bounced the message.
> If you didn't create the file and set the permissions beforehand, then
> it's owned by the first person who received a poisoned message. Make
> sure the permissions are world-writable:
>  chown root:root /tmp/evilmail
>  chmod 622 /tmp/evilmail
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