[Esa-l] A new mail sanitizer.

Paul McHale pmchale at doubleesolutions.com
Tue Jun 13 11:21:20 PDT 2000

My apologies for the confusion.  I am currently using John's HTML-TRAP
version 1.112.  I am excited about new additions to an already great setup.
I think John's work is targeted at Sendmail which motivated me to switch.
So far it works extremely well.  I wish both of you luck in merging your
efforts.  It looks like a good thing is about to get better :)  If it
integrates as easily as John's and supports virus scanning, that would be


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> On 2000-06-13, 10:04:46 (-0400), Paul McHale wrote:
> > > ...and our projects will probably be merging, as Bjarni is fixing the
> > > most glaring problems in the sanitizer.
> *grin*
> > Does this mean the installation will be the same?  I am
> extremely impressed
> > with Sanitizer.  In fact, I switched from Exim to Sendmail to pick up
> (By "Sanitizer" I'm assuming you mean "Anomy sanitizer" - if
> you're talking
>  about John's stuff, then pardon my confusion.)
> Hmm.  Why wouldn't it work with Exim?  I've never tried Exim, but AFAIK
> there is nothing in the sanitizer code binding it to any
> particular MTA - it
> just reads stdin and spits out a clean message on stdout.  Of course, the
> only configuration I've bothered to document in the README
> assumes sendmail
> and procmail... but that's just because I'm lazy.
> > Sanitizer.  I hope the merged product will be similar as
> Sanitizer has been
> > great to work with.
> I haven't really thought this far ahead.  The sanitizer just sort of
> happened by accident, as the first application for my MIME stream editor.
> If people like the configuration system I'm using now, then I
> probably won't
> change it (aside from adding options & features, etc).
> As far as merging the projects goes, that might not really need
> any changes
> - John could (for example) distribute a procmail ruleset which uses the
> sanitizer as a filter, and implements his current recommended policy with
> command-line arguements.  Since we haven't actually discussed
> what would be
> involved in a merge I don't know if that's what he has in mind or not. :-)
> People interested in the actual development or the sanitizer
> should probably
> subscribe to the anomy mailing list (instructions are on the
> mailtools.anomy.net site), and discuss it with me there - this is probably
> off-topic on an announcment list like this one.
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