[Esa-l] A new mail sanitizer.

Bjarni R. Einarsson bre at netverjar.is
Tue Jun 13 08:12:13 PDT 2000

On 2000-06-13, 10:04:46 (-0400), Paul McHale wrote:
> > ...and our projects will probably be merging, as Bjarni is fixing the
> > most glaring problems in the sanitizer.


> Does this mean the installation will be the same?  I am extremely impressed
> with Sanitizer.  In fact, I switched from Exim to Sendmail to pick up

(By "Sanitizer" I'm assuming you mean "Anomy sanitizer" - if you're talking
 about John's stuff, then pardon my confusion.)

Hmm.  Why wouldn't it work with Exim?  I've never tried Exim, but AFAIK
there is nothing in the sanitizer code binding it to any particular MTA - it
just reads stdin and spits out a clean message on stdout.  Of course, the
only configuration I've bothered to document in the README assumes sendmail
and procmail... but that's just because I'm lazy.

> Sanitizer.  I hope the merged product will be similar as Sanitizer has been
> great to work with.

I haven't really thought this far ahead.  The sanitizer just sort of
happened by accident, as the first application for my MIME stream editor.
If people like the configuration system I'm using now, then I probably won't
change it (aside from adding options & features, etc).

As far as merging the projects goes, that might not really need any changes
- John could (for example) distribute a procmail ruleset which uses the
sanitizer as a filter, and implements his current recommended policy with
command-line arguements.  Since we haven't actually discussed what would be
involved in a merge I don't know if that's what he has in mind or not. :-)

People interested in the actual development or the sanitizer should probably
subscribe to the anomy mailing list (instructions are on the
mailtools.anomy.net site), and discuss it with me there - this is probably
off-topic on an announcment list like this one.

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