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Chris Payne cpayne at pr.uoguelph.ca
Fri Jan 7 20:53:57 PST 2005

To combat spam, I have added spambouncer   www.spambouncer.org  
alongside John's Sanitizer.  Spambouncer incorporates spam detection via
known relays and known spam domains, including SPAMHAUS
dns reverse lookup.  It adds some CPU cycles to the server, but its
benefits outweigh the CPU costs.

It works very well. Visit the web site for details.  I found spambouncer
during my search to add SPAMHAUS without having to recompile
Sendmail.  Spambouncer does this and much more.  A complimentary
program to the sanitizer.

- Chris Payne

John D. Hardin wrote:

>On Fri, 7 Jan 2005, Simon Matthews wrote:
>>Isn't there a database of spammer's URLs that is used by
>>SpamAssassin and others? Could the mail scanner use a similar
>The sanitizer is not an antispam tool. If you want to block spam,
>install SpamAssassin. It does an outstanding job.
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