[Esd-l] {Spam?} zip within 2way non delivery notification

Postmaster postmaster at stadtwerke-soest.de
Thu Sep 9 00:56:38 PDT 2004

Dear John D. Hardin,  dear Experts at ESDL

I received a mail with a virulent zip attachment (netsky-b) that passed my procmail sanitizer filter .
The zip Attachment was found within a 2-way non delivery notification.
You can find the plain mail in the attachment.
I modified the content lines with an beginning underline character so i hope there is no cause to be nervous .

Mr. John D. Hardin,

Thank you very much for your very excellent Anti-Virus Filter procmail -sanitizer .

Best wishes from Germany,

Peter Steffen
Stadtwerke Soest

Fon     +49 2921 392 216
eMail   postmaster at stadtwerke-soest.de

[demime removed a uuencoded section named zip_within_2way_ndn.txt which was 246 lines]

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