[Esd-l] New dev snapshot of jpeg scanning

John D. Hardin jhardin at impsec.org
Fri Oct 1 06:50:50 PDT 2004


There's new dev snapshot with some refinements in the jpeg scanning.

Unfortunately MS does magic scanning to determine file type, so keying
off the filename extension or the MIME type is not going to be
adequate; I am reluctant to extract ALL email attachments to do magic
scanning, that's getting heavier than I like. I hope I can find some
middle ground - I think I can, at least for JPEGs and ZIPs, as the
magic is right at the beginning of the file in both cases.

I'm considering the inline Perl scanning code that was provided,

I may do a release the way it sits now to get something out there
quickly, and postpone the magic scanning and pure-perl scanning for
the future.

As always, comments solicited.

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