[Esd-l] RE: How is a password protected zip file handled?

Smart,Dan SmartD at VMCMAIL.com
Tue Mar 2 15:27:09 PST 2004

Do I need to add the + sign to my zip_poisoned list?

See following Email:
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Subject: Password protected ZIP files and Email worms

With the release of Beagle.H and Beagle.I, virus writers started enclosing
the infected files within password protected ZIP files.  This negated the
ability of A/V software to view the enclosed file within.

I've found that the A/V software does see the file within the ZIP archive,
but cannot process it because it does not recognize the extension.  When the
archive is password protected, the file enclosed receives a "+" character at
the end of the extension (ie test.exe becomes test.exe+)  Since the A/V
software doesn't recognize that kind of extension, it lets it pass thru.

I found that by adding the "+" character to file extensions that are blocked
(.exe+, .cmd+, .vbs+ etc etc), the A/V software can now recognize that file
extension and perform the necessary actions on it.

I've only tested this out on Norton Anti-Virus for Exchange V2.1, but it
should work on the other A/V software programs.

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| On Tue, 2 Mar 2004, Smart,Dan wrote:
| >  The new beagle.h sends an encrypted zip file, and gives 
| the password 
| > in the body of the message.  What does 1.141 do when it sees such a 
| > file?
| It scans the index of the ZIP file, which (fortunately) is 
| NOT affected by password protection. The ZIP index remains 
| in-the-clear even though you need a password to extract the contents.
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