[Esd-l] URG: Updated novarg local rule for sanitizer

Philip Choy plchoy at income.com.sg
Tue Jan 27 10:06:30 PST 2004

That is what i did.

That is what i did to filter all those novarg esp hated bounced mails
containing zip files.


Once u r satisfied with it, u may replace /filtered with /dev/null to save
disk space.


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> All:
> Based on what made it through overnight I have updated the rule a bit.
> See the attachment or grab the recommended rules file.
> Unfortunately it seems to be using some random filenames, so I will be
> looking for signature strings in the base64 attachment body. Keying
> off the filename won't be enough.
> You may wish to consider adding "zip" to your local non-whitelisted
> mangle extensions list for a week or so until this starts to die down.
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