[Esd-l] procmail lock failure

Simon Matthews simon at paxonet.com
Thu Feb 5 14:11:48 PST 2004

At 09:15 AM 2/5/04 +0100, =?iso-8859-2?Q?Mgr_Marcela_Doni=E8ov=E1?= wrote:

>I install procmail-sanitizer and in procmail.log i found
>procmail lock: Lock failure on "/var/spool/mail/quarantine.lock"
>What is wrong ?

I think it may depend on what MTA you are running. With Postfix, local 
delivery is done by a process that runs as the user who is the recipient of 
the mail. Thus, the spool directory (/var/spool/mail) must have permissions 
1777 in order for local delivery to work properly. Once this is set, you 
should simply be able to delete the file: /var/spool/mail/quarantine.lock 
and everything should work.

If you are not using Postfix, ignore the above advice and see what others say.


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