[Esd-l] procmail lock failure

Joe Steele joe at madewell.com
Thu Feb 5 10:24:54 PST 2004

On Thursday, February 05, 2004 3:15 AM, Mgr Marcela Donieova wrote:
> Hi,
> I install procmail-sanitizer and in procmail.log i found
> procmail lock: Lock failure on "/var/spool/mail/quarantine.lock"
> What is wrong ?

>From http://www.impsec.org/email-tools/sanitizer-configuration.html:

   SECURITY_QUARANTINE_LOCKFILE: Use a non-default lockfile when 
   writing to the quarantine. If for some reason the default 
   quarantine lockfile cannot be created (i.e. regular users don't 
   have write permission to the directory) and you see warnings like 
   "Lock failure on /var/spool/mail/security.lock" in your procmail 
   log file, you can specify a lockfile in a world-writable location 




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