[Esd-l] ANN: devel sanitizer now has check for Office BO attack

John D. Hardin jhardin at impsec.org
Thu Sep 4 21:34:10 PDT 2003


The recently announced Microsoft Office Suite buffer overflow


...is now detected by the Office Macro Scanner in the development
version of the Sanitizer available at:


I will run it here until this weekend, then do an official release if
no problems occur. If you don't want to wait until this weekend you
can grab the devel sanitizer, or you can add the following code
snippet to your existing sanitizer:

   if (/\000(ID="{.{36}[^}][^\000\012\015]{5,})/i) {       #\
      $why .= "     99 for $1\n";     #\
      $score+= 99;    #\
   }       #\

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