[Esd-l] Postfix and the sanitizer

Sergio P. Cesar sergio at winc.net
Mon Nov 10 04:58:56 PST 2003

> On Sun, 9 Nov 2003, Sergio P. Cesar wrote:
>> Strongly considering jumping ship to Postfix, any hints, howtos,
>> warnings
>> out there to make my pain less obvious?
> Personally, I like Postfix, but then I don't have much experience with the
> alternatives.
> Postfix is pretty easy to configure, is very flexible and seems to have
> just about everything except *possibly* milters. I say possibly because
> Postfix supports "content_filter" which seems to do pretty much the same
> thing.
> I've seen benchmarks that show Postfix performing better than Sendmail.
> There should not be any pain switching to Postfix.
> On the other hand, why switch if your present solution is working?
Security is why, for what I gather sendmail is not as secure as postfix
and not as secure as qmail...
but qmail has some licensing issues where one can not distribute anything
precompiled or some such...
I freeze every time there is a "sendmail" exploit out there and the fix is
yet available. It seems to be more often then postfix.

I got postfix to work for the most part this weekend using mysql and SMTP
authentication. A few small gotchas in understanding the configuration but
much easier then sendmail. So far so good.

Now I need to get the sanitizer working before I can put the machine in
production, does any one have a howto for the postfix newbie here? I would
appreciate it.


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