[Esd-l] Re: Permit certain files *.vbs to notify

Philip Choy plchoy at income.com.sg
Thu Mar 13 21:22:21 PST 2003

'cos they are working @ home, using their own ISPs, but use company name in


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> On Fri, 14 Mar 2003, Philip Choy wrote:
> > NOTICE: Envelope sender domain magix.com.sg not supported by Received:
> > Suppressing sender notification.
> >
> > Hello, the santizer is doing its fine job. And, I need to tweak the
> > configuration so that those who sent certain wildcards like *.vbs (that
> > not rampantly used in mass mailing) will be notified, irregardless of
> > different envelope sender domain. It wld be useful for our VBS
> > else they ll be tearing their hairs apart.
> So why aren't their envelope sender domains correct?
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