SpamAssassin running before Sanitizer rules (was Re: [Esd-l] Properly posted question per your requirements)

Scott Taylor scott at
Thu Jun 26 09:40:16 PDT 2003

At 08:27 06/26/03, you wrote:


<looks fine to me>

># spamassassin
>* < 256000
>| spamc

How about:
:0fw: spamassassin.lock
* < 256000
| spamassassin

Do you have a ".procmailrc" file in the user's $HOME?

> >>ii) Mail Server (name and version, ie: Sendmail V8.8.8)
>sendmail 8.12.8

grep for "spam", "proc" and "Mlocal" entries

> > iii) other software you are using including versions and setup
>spamassassin 2.31, sanitizer 1.136

You might find the SpamAssassin 2.4x set a little more stable, and keeping 
current with the sanitizer is always a good idea.

The older versions of SpamAssassin handled local mail delivery, that may be 
part of your problem.  Newer versions handle thing a little differently, 
though I don't know which version they made the switch.  There are some 
major differences in the 2.5 set and may not work with some Linux distro's 
and older versions, with out a lot of messing around with libs etc.

What makes you think SpamAssassin is running ahead of the Sanitizer rules, 
in the first place?

> >> 3.) Don't top post, like I just did, and clean up irrelevant text.
>what is "top post"

As apposed to chronological, inline posting.

> > 1.) Start your own thread

Guess I should have included "with a meaningful subject" on that line.

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