[Esd-l] Red Hat 9...

Ken Brookner kenb at brookner.com
Sat Jul 19 20:18:49 PDT 2003

metamail was replaced on rh9 with another package offering the same
functionality.  unfortunately, i can't remember the name and i'm not
sure if it was just renamed or recoded.  check the redhat site, or maybe
a google search on rh9 and metamail.

sorry that i can't remember the specifics.


Ken Brookner
kenb at brookner.com

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> I have just replaced a Red Hat 7.3 mail server with new 
> hardware and Red Hat 
> 9. I have managed to get everything working properly except 
> the Sanitizer. I 
> have managed to get it working without the MS Office macro 
> scanning, and 
> according to the Sanitizer home page:
> "If you wish to scan attachments for Office macros, you must 
> have mimencode 
> (which is a part of the metamail package) and mktemp (from OpenBSD) 
> installed."
> mktemp comes with Red Hat 9 and so I have searched for an RPM 
> for metamaiil 
> but have only been able to find a Red Hat 7.3 version. I have 
> downloaded the 
> 7.3 source RPM and tried to build a v9 RPM from it, but it fails with:

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