[Esd-l] Removal of HTML comments

Bill Larson blarson at compu.net
Fri Jan 17 22:04:01 PST 2003

How long do you think it will be once a virus writer realizes that they can
bypass things like the sanitizer using this method that it will take for a
virus of this nature to appear. I know I would much rather be proactive than

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> On Fri, 17 Jan 2003, Brett Glass wrote:
> > John, have you considered adding removal of HTML comments to the
> > filter?  Many spammers throw HTML comments into the middle of
> > words to thwart spam detection schemes, and filters such as yours
> > might be a good way to get them out, along with the scripts. (I
> > already do this in my own filter.)
> Yeah, I've thought about it. I agree it would be a good anti-spam
> tool. However, I've resisted putting anti-spam features into the
> sanitizer before and I'm going to continue to do so.
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