[Esd-l] Strange warning format

Scott Taylor scott at skot.org
Fri Aug 22 07:36:53 PDT 2003

Yesterday, and now today, I've been getting a lot of messages from Procmail 
Security daemon, that look like this:

$Revision: 1.138 $

REPORT: Trapped Windows executable attachment
REPORT: Not a document, or already poisoned by filename. Not scanned
for macros.
STATUS: Message quarantined in /home/david/hold, not delivered to

Headers from message:

 > From foo at bar  Thu Aug 21 22:49:16 2003
 > X-Content-Security: [mustang.dctchambers.com] NOTIFY
 > X-Content-Security: [mustang.dctchambers.com] QUARANTINE
 > X-Content-Security: [mustang.dctchambers.com] REPORT: Trapped
Windows executable attachment

What's up with that?


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