[Esd-l] Quick Question

Scott Taylor scott at skot.org
Thu Aug 21 07:37:47 PDT 2003

At 10:25 AM 8/21/2003 -0400, Eric Brosius wrote:
>I saw the local rules script on the web site to trap worms, but how do I
>implement it?

What web site are you talking about?

If the Sanitizer site then read this page:

>I've got CRUSHED with over 1000+ SoBig Viruses in the
>last 2 days, that I just want to trash or reject any attachments with an
>.pif or .scr extension.


>   Any suggestions?

Quit using M$ mail clients and servers would be a start, OSes next if you 
can *hack* it. ;0)

^X-Mailer: Microsoft*

Not very practical of course, but works great!  =P

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