[Esd-l] Security Warning Message as Attachment

Mike McCandless michael at prismbiz.com
Wed Oct 16 20:16:01 PDT 2002

John, I am cutting/pasting below the results of an email I sent myself.
I use a plain text format for email.  The results below are not in an
attachment, but show up in the body.  One of our users is getting these
messages (Security Warning) in an attachment.  I am clearly not.

I'm confused:  your response indicated that the Security Warning would
be in an attachment, but I'm clearly not getting it in one.  Can you
help me understand the different behavior?

Mike McCandless
michael at prismbiz.com



The mail system has removed a file attachment from this message.
The attachment has been discarded.

Please contact your system administrator for details.

Filename: WZSEPE32.EXE

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Subject: Re: [Esd-l] Security Warning Message as Attachment

> On Wed, 16 Oct 2002, Mike McCandless wrote:
> > Is the normal behavior or have I screwed something up?
> This is normal behavior, and will continue in the future. I'm much
> more comfortable adding a text attachment with the log of what the
> sanitizer has done, rather than appending it to the message body.
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