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Thu Nov 21 07:10:04 PST 2002

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I know there were hoaxes around about .mp3 viruses.  Do these thing really
exist?  Can you give me an article on how they work from Symantec, McAfee or
the like?


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|On Wed, 20 Nov 2002 15:50:57 -0500, Eric Brosius wrote:
|>I'm running sanitizer ver 1.133 and a virus came in today, but it was 
|>buried in attachments (i.e. nested attachment and the virus was the 
|>last one).  It was a .mp3 file, so I added *.mp3 to the 
|>list and tested sending a .mp3 file and it wasn't stopped.  
|So I added 
|>it in as a managed attachment.  Why didn't it get stopped??  
|Thanks for 
|>the info.
|You need to add *.mp3 to *both* MANGLE_EXTENSIONS and 
|POISONED_EXECUTABLES to have them poisoned.  Suffered at the 
|hands of that one particular problem myself a while back.
|If memory serves me, it does mention this "feature" on the 
|sanitizer web pages.
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