[Esd-l] Smart reply

John D. Hardin jhardin at impsec.org
Fri May 17 14:45:01 PDT 2002


Okay, I'm going to spend a little time trying to add a Smart Reply
capability to the sanitizer (well, maybe a more accurate description
would be Smart Reply Suppression).

Basically, it'll check to see if the Return-Path: is supported by the
domains in the Received: headers, and if not, it will turn off
NOTIFY_SENDER. It may do the same if the message appears to have come
via a mailing list.

If you want to suppress this, you'd set SECURITY_DISABLE_SMART_REPLY
and the notificatin would go out, regardless. In other words, the
sanitizer will default to partial ("smart") sender notification.

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