[Esd-l] Sanitizer for end users

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hmm, wow
....my only problem would be that the EULA would probably take up more
characters than the code...
still a good idea though...

let me see:
1 year sub at $24.95USD x untold numbers of
suckers x 4000 years (that last bit is buried in the EULA...don't ask
...click I ACCEPT to continue)
= big bucks!!!
(oops...Almost forgot the software required to manage the licences....add
... per year cos it's subsciption based too)

damn this open source rubbish...the sanitizer has kept every network
under my control virus free for over 22 months....thousands of happy
that only paid A pittance for my time to install......why should they have
all the fun and money!!!

I am sick of the client thankyou's and pats on the back. I'm sick of the
useful and interesting
work I get to do in other areas cos my clients are not having to spend their
IT budgets on virus cleaning!

I'm going M$!
;-)<--------plse note!!!

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Any Windows programmers out there? I'm not, so here's a freebie idea
for you:

Take a look at the Outlook/Outlook Express object model and see if
there's any way to hook into message processing between the POP/IMAP
Retrieval stage and the Save In Folder (or Apply User Rules) stage.

At that point, sanitize active HTML and executable attachments.

I bet you could make some money off a little aftermarket plugin like

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