[Esd-l] $TO...

Eric Brosius ebrosius at sunyorange.edu
Fri Mar 1 13:10:02 PST 2002

Hi, this may be a stupid question

Were setting up a new mail server, so I upgraded to the newest version
of Johns sanitizer.  I got everything working ok, but I just want to
make a cosmetic change.  For the message SECURITY_NOTIFY_SENDER the
sanitizer adds regarding your message to then the user name, message
ID, and then host.  How can I change that so its just
username at host.com?  I took the message ID out.  So now its just
Regarding your last message to <username>.  The message ID is too much
for most of my users to understand.  I did it in an older version of the
sanitizer, but I cant see where the message ID is getting added in the
new version.  Thanks.

Eric D. Brosius
Technical Assistant
Orange County Community College

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