[Esd-l] More dropped Fs

Donncha O Caoimh donncha.ocaoimh at tradesignals.com
Fri Jun 14 02:54:00 PDT 2002

When this came up previously the follow procmail recipe was posted by someone 
(maybe John). I installed it, I haven't checked the logfiles but we haven't 
had problems with corrupt mail files anymore!

Drop this into your /etc/procmailrc or into a file that'll be "includerc" 


:0 H
* ! ^From[ ]
*   ^rom[ ]
        LOG="*** Dropped F off From_ header! Fixing up. "

        :0 fhw
        | sed -e 's/^rom /From /'

On Friday 14 June 2002 10:03, Victor wrote:
> > Forwarded by request...
> Thank you for forwarding. 8 hours later, I did receive the list
> confirmation and my emails did go through.
> Anyone is incouraged to submit ideas. I am still having this issue and
> don't see why this would be happenning.
> Willing to try anything at this point...
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