[Esd-l] Mangle Extensions

Scott Taylor scott at dctchambers.com
Thu Jun 13 13:00:02 PDT 2002

At 12:10 PM 13/06/2002, John D. Hardin wrote:
>On Thu, 13 Jun 2002, Scott Taylor wrote:
> > So, my question is this: if I take out the 's' from this line (beautiful
> > RegEx) of the html-trap but leave it on the only other line (L# 951) I can
> > see with 'xl', it won't get mangled, but will it still go through the 
> macro
> > check or am I just going to break the mime type?
> >
> > MANGLE_EXTENSIONS='...|xl[swt]|...'
>Change it to ...|xt[wt]|...
>xls wont' get mangled, but it will still get macro-scanned and will
>still be subject to filename poisoning. Office files are "special"
>that way.
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