[Esd-l] macro scanner: defang instead of refuse

Floyd Pierce floydp at boxusa.com
Fri Jun 7 04:27:02 PDT 2002

While somewhat simplified this has to do with ACLs on unix (AIX):

 From an administrator's standpoint I doubt that ACLs are very workable.
It would be better, with a large user count, to attempt some kind of
ad-hoc group scheme.

The other approach that might work (to the share a file problem) would
be (even though there is no such thing) a security thru obscurity
approach. If you allow the user to upload to a file area in webspace and
hand back a URL that is obscure and ends in a directory that is not
listable, it might be secure enough to satisfy some needs. This is
sort of what I had in mind when I suggested the "strip an attachment
and hand back a link" enhancement to the filter.

At 09:02 PM 6/6/2002 -0700, John D. Hardin wrote:
>On Wed, 5 Jun 2002, Floyd Pierce wrote:
> > Your lack of knowledge regarding Unix permissions must be
> > legendary.
>Now, now.
> > You can do the same thing with either, it'll just take you 10
> > times longer to administer it with M$.
>Do you have handy any URLs for Unix ACLs?
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