[Esd-l] macro scanner: defang instead of refuse

Graham Murray graham at webwayone.co.uk
Wed Jun 5 00:03:00 PDT 2002

Kenneth Porter <shiva at well.com> writes:

> As a *nix admin, I've always found sharing rights on Windows to be
> highly non-intuitive, and sharing from a workstation seems to require
> the creation of a user account for the client. So we have a public share
> on the server with a directory for each user, and savvier users dump
> things in a user's directory there and then send an email letting him
> know it's there.

You should not need to create an account on the workstation for each
client. If you are using NTFS then you can give permissions, both to
the share and to files within the shared directory, to individual
domain users. This is actually much more fine grained that the *nix
permission system. 

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