[Esd-l] Problem with unmangling attachments

Eric Kwant eric at kwantum.net
Mon Jun 3 16:21:01 PDT 2002

Thanks John.

I am currently not using a quarantine in the setup. My base questions in
this matter are pretty simple, so I guess I'll try to break it down into
simple questions instead of trying to explain everything.

1. Has it always been the case that you have to edit the RAW message in
order to try to save a defanged (or poisoned, or whatever...) attachment? I
don't remember having to do this before. It was a simple "click on the
attachment icon and Save As...". Easy for the unknowing users that use my

2. Or is it just poisoned attachments that the sanitizer reacts this way
too, and regular (?) defanged attachments are not severely disabled like

Thanks for your patience. I'm by no means an expert sysadmin, not even
close. I'm purely a computer hobbyist. I loved the script when I used it
before, but it's not working the same way right now.

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> This is not just a mangled attachment, it is a poisoned attachment. It
> should have been quarantined. Are you not using a quarantine? If you
> are using a quarantine, check to see why it didn't get quarantined.
> In order to fix this you need to edit the raw message. I *think* you
> can coax Outlook into saving the raw message by saying File->Save As
> when the message is displayed in a window. Then you need to edit the
> message file and insert the MIME boundary line as described further
> down (with an example) in the how-to-defang document.

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