[Esd-l] macro scanner: defang instead of refuse

Floyd Pierce floydp at boxusa.com
Mon Jun 3 09:48:01 PDT 2002

The sender can load the file, save as an RTF then re-convert to
a document (XLS or DOC) and it'll be cleared of virus remnants.

At 09:25 AM 6/3/2002 -0700, Scott Taylor wrote:

>>I think it would work if these files were just defanged and local IT
>>personnel could defang and RTF-convert them. Is there a way to get this
>>to happen?
>You can edit the hold file, remove the security parts and append the file 
>to your own mail box.  Try opening the file with StarOffice, or hold the 
>shift key down while clicking on the file (doesn't always work) to open 
>Word with Macros disabled.
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